What is it I do and what can I offer you?

"I am passionately driven to release people from any form of dis-ease in their lives - be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, so that they can reclaim a happier, balanced, more peaceful and joyful life – which in my books, is everyone's innate birthright."

I use intuitive insight and healing that has evolved over my 25 years practising, first as a Holistic Aromatherapist and now as a Holistic Mind & Body therapist. From essential oil diagnosis, listening, healing visualisation and massage, I can tune in to exactly where you are at in that moment, on that particular day and give you honest and accurate feedback as to your current physical and emotional states. Even this simple act can be a huge relief to most people, as they feel they might just have found a person they can trust enough to share what's really going on inside their head, heart and body.

From that point of trust built between myself, a client or a group, many things are possible...

My remit is to bring people back into balance using a holistic approach and more importantly help them reconnect with their spiritual nature.  I can look into how you look after your body - what you eat and your exercise habits. I use a unique diagnostic technique The Brain Revelation Analysis to enable you to become aware of who really runs the show in your head and to find your innate self-supporting system. We work together to help you release old traumas and hurts that might be compromising the optimal health of your body and as a healer, I have the ability of reflecting back unseen sides of yourself to facilitate spiritual growth, ultimately setting you free to be 100% you at all times.                                                                                                                                                                                   A complementary toolbox of techniques is available too, to help you maintain this balanced state on a daily basis.

It might seem like a tall order to achieve all of this, but unless we take responsibility for all these aspects of our lives, it is impossible to sustain the level of happiness, success and fulfilment we all desire. It isn't also something we can just attain and keep, but rather a work in progress, with adjustments and fine tuning along the way. What I can also assure you, is that there will be a lot more laughter, joy and happiness along the way and the relief in finally being yourself, is key.

It is always a complete joy helping people get 'back on track' in their lives and an honour to be a part of their journey of self-realisation. I also learn such a lot from clients along the way, which helps me in turn get better at what I do.

The only real way of answering the above question, so you will be truly satisfied with the answer, is to come and 'try me out' with say the Quick Fix or Classic Sessions. Even my regular clients say they find it difficult to nail what it is I do in a typical session. I am very grateful, however, for their testimonials, as I feel they go a long way in remedying this and give you an idea of the benefits a series of sessions can have from differing perspectives.

Please get in touch using the contact form below, if you'd like to ask me any specific questions and I'll look forward to meeting you soon


About Me


"This year I turned 53. On my best days, I realise what a lot I have achieved to date and how blessed I am with the loving support of my family and friends. On a bad day, I just temporarily forget :)

Eldest daughter to a Perthshire farmer, I was schooled in the local village and then at an all-girls school in Edinburgh.  I went to art school, worked in the Contemporary Art World for various Scottish galleries, designed men's cashmere suiting in Saville Row and accessories for Tie Rack, Johnstons of Elgin and Holland & Holland Gunsmiths.

I became interested in Complimentary Health in the 90's - fashion had lost its fascination and the fast and often one-sided lifestyle of the 80's had taken its toll. A lot of people were turning to personal trainers and foods 'without E Nos' to re-balance their lives and give them some much needed energy again - ME was the buzz word of that decade. I decided it was time for a major change in my career and was drawn to studying Holistic Aromatherapy with Robert Tisserand. After graduating, I toured with him and independently introduced Aromatherapy to the Women's Professional Golf Tour.  I started a family during this time and continued my alternative focus by home-birthing my children and both were home-schooled.


Recently separated and married for 30 years, my husband is still my best friend. I have two self-educated children, a dog and a horse.

My university has been living the above - embracing all the lessons, processing them, expanding my own awareness and sharing that awareness, through my work, with my clients......and remembering to keep dancing, laughing and singing like nobody’s watching !