Have you ever......tried a BRA?

Now some of you might think you know what a BRA is.....

.... Wikipedia's basic description of the three letter word is : a bra - or brassiere- is a form-fitting undergarment that women wear to support their breasts. (and yes I know, there are male versions too)

But I'm not going to blog on about the virtues of bras - sorry guys :)                                                                Instead I'm going to reveal to you how my BRA can offer you just the support you might be looking for......     Confused, intrigued?                                                                                                                                               Read on......

The subtitle of this blog is, " Have you ever......tried to make someone wrong, so you can be right?"

We can all fall foul of this I feel and very recently this 'biggie' has come to town in my life for a show down, opening a Pandora's Box of old stories, habits and beliefs to be exposed - yippee!?!

I have seen loud and clear that sticking to an out-moded story of mine, of a role I play, has not only caused suffering on the outside of my life, but on the inside to.                                                                                             In stubbornly staying in only one side of being me, I have neglected and rejected a whole flavour of myself that I could bring to my life and subsequently share more of the total me with others. The consequence of this, particularly in a close partnership, can be that we 'hog' certain aspects of living if you like.....and in 'hogging', we dominate the skill set and qualities of this 'one side' and we can disallow the partner from bringing their version of this side to the table too. Instead we expect our partner to be this 'other side' for us - we get angry when we are not supported by them with these qualities and disappointed when the support they do offer, is not quite right - doesn't fit the hole, doesn't fill the need perfectly enough. Over time, resentment can take hold or perhaps guilt, when there is some awareness of this' hogging' aspect.

Am I alone? Or does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

OK...so now, if we are on the same page, I will create a common understanding, a foundation from which to share my version of a possible solution.

I have created a new session in my repertoire of therapies called - BRA - Brain Revelation Analysis ( it's early days, so one day I might find a more snazzy name, but for now it's this!)

And to start, let's agree that we have a brain....and although there are some other important subdivisions of it that play an important part in the running of our daily lives, let's just simplify matters right down to address the fact we have a right and a left hemisphere to this brain.The right interestingly control's all of the left side of the body and the left brain controls all of the right.                                                                                                     Some common right brain attributes are Creativity, Emotions, the Feminine, Intuition, Being - the left left brain's are Thought, Logic, Manifesting, the Masculine, Doing.                                                                                               So it becomes apparent that we are dealing in opposites here - oblique opposites, yet since you possess both the right and the left halves by default, you have both - hurrah!

But here is the nub of the problem folks, most of us, for some reason or another, don't use both.                     Infact there have been some of my clients who discovered that they were virtually 100% living from one side of their brain only - the other side being 'let out' on good behaviour for Christmas and the occasional holiday....                                                                                                                                                                                               " Perhaps it might get some more 'air time' when I retire?"                                                                                     and my reply was " Oh dear, the trouble is, with your current worsening ill-health, you might just be dead by then!".                                                                                                                                                                 Sometimes the 'stubborn ones' need to hear it like it is!!

Another classic case of the repercussions of this one sided living, is an elderly couple who have relied on each other to literally be their 'other half'. When one of them sadly dies, the other cannot survive on their own, having become so dependant on the support of the other to live a full life. The remaining partner dies within a few months of their loved one - so sad and avoidable.

And, so to the remedy.....                                                                                                                                         This BRA session is a single session of up to two hours, which gets you deeply in touch with the characteristics of both your left and right brains - together they make up the total package of who we are and what it is to truly experience being human.                                                                                                                                            In personifying these two sides of the brain, we usually find our hidden or shadow side and in getting in touch again with this often 'lost' or marginalised side of ourselves, we usually find our spiritual selves and that missing link to our happiness, fulfillment and joy.                                                                                                                     In turn, this discovery offers us a readily accessible internal self-support system that is not reliant on an external event or person to be both effective and on hand 24/7.                                                                                         There is no 'hocus pocus' or hypnotherapy involved in this session, it's just giving voice to each side of your brain, with me facilitiating this acquaintance.

Interestingly, if you are in a close relationship, you will almost definitely find your partner's qualities in that marginalised side. You'll see and understand why specifically they are in your life, showing you what qualities you need to assimilate in you, to become all you can be. This is not to say that you are to be like them...and that is the whole point. Once you've fully connected and integrated your version of these charactersistics, hey presto! you get it all served up, just the way you like it, as you are now in control of the when and where.                                                                                                                                                                                                 We also realise that this missing part that we have striven to satisfy, is not something that we find 'out there', but something that's just been patiently waiting to be allowed to be of service from within, since you were born. The upshot of a session then, will be getting to know aspects of you that will bring you to a new wholeness. This in itself is a real releif for most people....and obviously the possibilities this discovery can then bring, are endless and limitless.

I and a few close friends, have also discovered that although the basic attributes of each hemisphere don't change, the characterisation can evolve, as lessons and further understandings refine our sense of self.  I have also found that, as the balance between our earthly and spiritual natures levels out, our old ego identity gets blurry round the edges and so does your partners....life becomes more peaceful, more harmonious, more joyful ! :) <3....

....and life is a journey, not a destination. We learn and grow through contrasts that flag up what's not working in our lives and the things we need to therefore change.                                                                                           My BRA session is a powerful illuminatory tool that will bring all of you into full awareness, but it is not a 'cure all' and what you do with that awareness is always up to you. xG

Please contact me on www.gailneckel.com/contact/ and I'll happily help you with any further questions.                                                                                                                                                                   Price lists and descriptions of all my sessions, including BRA can be found on www.gailneckel.com/prices-1/ and client testimonials www.gailneckel.com/read-me


ps if you are not already using a form of meditation to help maintain a connection to your spiritual nature, I highly recommend The Bright Path Ishayas Ascension Meditation - it's a profoundly simple practice and highly supported by a wonderful bunch of phenomenal teachers here in the UK and worldwide - see the link below for further info and watch this space because I hope to become an Ishaya teacher soon!                       www.findpeace.co.uk