Single Sessions

 THE CONSULTATION                                                                                                                                                                                 FREE                                                                                                                                          

This session is stipulated when a new client has committed to working on a programme of 1-2-1 Classic sessions. It is an essential conversation, via phone or skype,  that helps me gain a clearer insight into your lifestyle picture. Medical history and other pertinent details, will be taken to help me prepare a thorough foundation for your first session.      


THE QUICK-FIX SESSION                                                                                                                                                      40 MINS      £ 45

This 1-2-1 session combines essential oil diagnosis, healing visualisation and/or  massage, in a highly focused format to respond to acute concerns, be it physical or emotional.

When to use the Quick Fix?

  •  To try me out !
  •  To address a very specific or acute issue, bringing the body back into balance, thus preventing more chronic conditions from manifesting. NB This session is also available 1-2-1, in a group, face-to-face or on-line

NB This session is also available via Skype


 THE CLASSIC SESSION                                                                                                                                                          70 MINS    £ 75
 This session uses a combination of counselling, essential oil diagnosis, healing visualisation and/or massage and is the foundation for a  two way intuitive forum of feedback and discovery that has been developed and refined over 25 years of therapeutic practice.
 Formulated as an introductory, as well as a regular treatment, this format is the reason why so many clients continue to benefit from the  practice year after year.                                                                                                                                                                                            NB An initial consultation is required - via phone or skype - for new clients committing to a series of sessions

 When to use the Classic?

  • To try Gail out !
  • An issue - be it physical or emotional - is chronic and needs a deeper look and more time to address underlying causes.
  • Used as a monthly preventative treatment to ensure ongoing health and self-awareness

NB This session is also available 1-2-1, in a group / face-to-face or on-line


THE BRAIN REVELATION ANALYSIS                                                                                                            up to 2 HRS                £ 145

This single session introduces a fascinating and revealing diagnostic tool to better understand what goes on inside your brain.
It allows access to the unique characteristics of your left and right brain, enabling you to better understand which side has become dominant and also reacquainting  yourself with a 'lost' or marginalised side of yourself.                                                                                 More often than not, this side reveals itself as your spiritual nature - an innate self-supporting system and that missing link to your   happiness, fulfillment and joy.

When to use the Brain Revelation?

  • If you are at a 'cross-roads' in your life and are looking for clarity in a way forward
  • To discover your under used and often stifled potential, which can reveal the key to feelings of fulfillment and happiness.
  • If your are trying to find a way to connect to your spiritual nature in a more tangible way
  • To discover your inner self-support system which can bring balance and peace to your life.

NB This session is also available 1-2-1, in a group / face-to-face or on-line


THE HOLISTIC MIND + BODY SOLUTION                                                                                                                                         £ 399                                                                                                                                                                           

This package has been formulated to holistically realign mind and body balance in all aspects of one's life. Increasing self-awareness, reducing stress, rebuilding confidence and becoming totally in tune with your true potential. In this condensed and powerful block of sessions, all aspects of current lifestyle are addressed, including work and domestic environment, diet and exercise. In addition, you will be taught new techniques in stress management, mind awareness and meditation.

 Included in this package are:

   An initial in-depth Consultation which details and highlights areas of focus for the individual and through massage and essential oil diagnosis we will discover both physical and emotional areas of stress.                                                                                                              THE Brain Revelation Analysis session will acquaint the client with their left and right brain 'personalities' and help discover hidden     potentials and you innate self-support system.                                                                                                                                                   A Body Analysis session which will look at how you look after your body - diet and excercise                                                                       And finally a session to acquaint you with various Stress Management  Tools - including two Meditation Techniques                                           

NB Each session will include essential oil diagnosis and a combination of massage and healing visualisation where applicable. allow up to 90 minutes per session - package total 6 hours.                                                                                                                                                       

When to use the Holistic Mind + Body Solution?

  • when you have reached a cross-roads in your life and don't have a way forward
  • when one-sided living has finally caught up with you and you'd like some help in creating a new way of holistic living
  • when you've given up on finding a remedy to chronic conditions
  • when you feel like you are on a hamster-wheel and you want to get off !
  • when life circumstances keep repeating themselves and you'd like some help in discovering the limiting beliefs that could be precipitating these repetitive behaviours and results.
  • Because you love yourself and want to give yourself the very best

NB This session is also available 1-2-1, in a group, face-to-face or on-line



THE CLASSIC CARE COLLECTION                                                                          3- month package £ 195      6-month package £ 380


This collection of Classic Sessions is used by many of my clients on a monthly basis, after experiencing THE MIND + BODY SOLUTION,   as part of their own on-going personal supervisory or mentoring programme.                                                                                             

When to use the Classic Care Collection?

  • to support your commitment to optimal Holistic Health, I offer three or six sessions at a discounted rate, when they are taken              within the period stipulated above.