The testimonials that follow will perhaps give you a flavour of how clients have perceived what I do in my therapy and how they feel it has benefited them. As some of the testimonials are very honest and heart-felt, I prefer to respect their openness by honouring their privacy, therefore each testimonial is attributed to a profession only.

I will say however, that I have had the pleasure to work with an amazing and eclectic mix of people and professions during my 25 years of practicing, from Members of the Clergy, Government Officials and Senior Executives to Therapists and Healers, Teachers of all kinds, NHS staff, IT professionals and even the occasional Tattoo Artist!


Librarian, Company Secretary...and so much more.

"I have been seeing Gail for several years now. She always puts a great deal of effort into extending her own knowledge and understanding and to distilling insights gained from her work with her clients into her own methods. Her Classic Session keeps evolving and new techniques have been added. I recently went to see Gail with quite a lot of pain in my hip and more than half convinced that it was the start of arthritis. Gail has always used colours to describe emotions but has now put this into a visualisation technique. Asked to think of a healing colour I opted for sunshine yellow and was asked to visualise this wonderful yellow liquid being injected into the painful spot and spreading out to soothe it: this, combined with massage and a conscious effort to change my sleeping position which was putting strain on those muscles has virtually removed all the pain (and worry about arthritis!) Thanks again to Gail for her amazing work."

Musician/ singer/ songwriter

"Working via Skype with Gail on my recent Classic Session and the one to one Brain Revelation Session, was equally effective as seeing her in person. I was amazed at how much I knew which oils were right for me, even over the internet! The sessions have been nothing short of life changing and imperative at helping me during some very challenging times. I would highly recommend Gail to anyone who is ready to make a major breakthrough in their life and thinking, whether it be ‘repeating patterns’ that you don’t feel you can overcome or needing to move forward with positivity and clarity. Gail is a joy to work with -  she is humorous, kind, puts you immediately at ease and has incredible intuition and insight that is razor sharp. What I particularly love about her work, is that it is 'no nonsense' and ‘fluff-free' - everything she does has the same precision and purpose, as a scientist or mathematician, but with all the warmth of someone who is a natural and highly experienced healer."

Acupressure Practitioner, Reiki Master and Healer

"I just wanted to say thank you for the recent Brain Revelation Analysis session that we had, where I was able to connect with my male and female sides. It really showed up just how out of balance I still was. Despite having done lots of other work on myself to try and balance both of these sides, I obviously still had work to do! The way you were able to coax out feelings and words from my soul was exceptional and I uncovered a lot about myself through the essential oils I chose too . It was a longer session than initially planned,  however you didn't stop just because the clock said so and continued to give me what I needed, which was lovely and showed the passion you give to your role in helping your clients to uncover more about themselves. You give with such love and honesty and also a great sense of humour. Thank you so much for everything you helped me to discover about myself.....I would recommend a B.R.A. session with Gail to anyone!"


"Hi Gail, I wanted to give you some feedback about my Brain Revelation Analysis and to also say how much I uphold your work of empowering me and shedding light on my inner processes; which has truly helped me to find new ways to integrate more support, guidance and wisdom from my own internal resources which were being clouded out and overshadowed throughout my life...                   As you identified, one part of my brain functioning and development was highly dominant in me and I relied upon it most of the time. I am now joyfully accessing the other part of myself more easily through this awareness and am opening up to the gifts I have always had available but which lay dormant. One interesting side effect and beautiful result, or product of this exploration, has been my confidence to write returning and flowering forth and becoming physically and practically more creative with an actual pen and paper...             Anyway, I can definitely vouch for my mind's 'Scribe Archetype' coming forward and making its presence felt really consciously and also in my constant flow of unconscious ideas, dreams, thoughts and images in a way which nourishes me from the inside first- how wonderful this is!!! I am exploring my beloved photography with pereptive eyes, I am less self critical and judgemental these days and I appreciate art, music, sensory pursuits and nature with an abundance of sensitivity: holistically with no strain, pain or effort as there are no blocks in my way!?! After experiencing a drought of passion within me, my expressive cup now floweth over and I thank you from my soul for all of your diligence, kindness and detailed attention on my journey and for your deep heart-centred trust, warmth and strongly held belief in ALL of my hidden and innate abilities and unique energies!"

Police Officer

“After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was prompted to visit Gail on the recommendation of a good friend. Being slightly sceptical about the benefits of a session I attended one in November 2014, which was in fact to be the first of many sessions that helped me on my road to recovery. I found Gail’s use of essential oils linked to personality traits very interesting and thought provoking. The combination of this, counselling and massage helped enormously by putting my thoughts and actions into perspective. The massage with the chosen essential oils helped release stress and bode well for a restful deep sleep. 
Her use of Mind & Body techniques, such as the Brain Revelation Analysis , helped me exercise both sides of my brain to bring more of a balance to my actions and helped me understand myself better. The diet advice was instrumental in not only loosing weight, but in achieving a much healthier lifestyle that has released more energy. After a typical session, I would travel home and being completely relaxed, I listened to my body and often slept for an hour, after which I felt refreshed. 
Gail’s approach to helping me though CFS has been a balance of all of these approaches. She is very perceptive in what works and tailors her approach to the individual. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through this ‘difficult’ chapter in my life.”

Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Healer

"I had a Brain Revelation Analysis session with this afternoon that blew me away! A session where we addressed the balance of left and right brain... the spiritual and ego aspects... the male and the female and everything that my body, subconscious and true presence wanted to share, release, heal and be heard. And I was so not expecting the humour that came with it! What a powerful healing session... it's left me lighter, clearer, more balanced, empowered, focused, accepting and inspired.
I highly recommend going to see Gail.... honestly... she is a wonderful force to be reckoned with and her grounded humour and compassion is healing before any of her real work kicks in. 
For me it was like being completely re-integrated, balanced and understood.... bliss!"


TV Drama Script Writer

"I thought the Brain Revelation Analysis was a very unique and different way of tapping into a part of me which is usually hidden somewhere very deep down on a day to day basis. I felt able to let go and relax completely and Gail's questioning helped me to understand more about myself by prompting me to respond very honestly and openly.  I discovered things about myself which I instantly knew to be absolutely true, but that definitely needed a wee bit of gentle coaxing out. It was very enlightening and as a result I am definitely going to make the space and time to be conscious of my more spiritual side."

Marketing professional

"After having heard about Gail’s previous successes from a friend and then having a chat with Gail, she appeared to have a way to gain some deep rooted answers for me which I was curious to explore. After being welcomed into Gail’s wonderfully relaxing environment,  I filled out a questionnaire, then picked out some essential oils which felt the right ones for me.  The feedback from the oils I chose, was very helpful and it made perfect sense of how I was feeling. She gave me some further insights which also gave me more clarity.
The counselling part of the session was really safe, supportive and insightful. It has given me food for thought since the session, which has been very helpful to listen to my own needs and desires. 
The massage was so relaxing and Gail managed to pinpoint some current areas of stress, making suggestions about how to avoid this in the future. 
I also experienced the Brain Revelation Analysis - an amazing fun and revealing look into the way you access and process you inner thoughts and what that produces in your own outer world. 
Gail gives you great information that you can use long after the session to improve your life.....she  is trustworthy impartial and yet extremely supportive and positive in the ways she highlights your strengths. She opens the doors of possibility when you thought they were closed long ago - it’s really something you have to experience. What I can tell you is, you will feel ten times better than you were when you went in. If you are at a crossroads in any area of your life, Gail will help you find more peace of mind and clarity."

Business Coach

"I met Gail on a course and I was blown over by her positive energy and how wise and intuitive she seemed. I felt so grateful to have been able to spend a whole weekend with her and decided to contact her for a treatment. I went to Gail at at time where I was very confused in my life and through the Brain Revelation Analysis  she helped me understand the whole me better and gave me clarity as to where I was in my life..... and of course soothed my soul with her beautiful massages. She is so patient and kind and I am very lucky to have Gail as a friend and guide. I have recommended Gail to several of my friends and business contacts who have also loved her sessions."

Musician, Artist and Storyteller

"Thank you for the most incredible session with you on Wednesday! The transformation and healing you are offering with your work is beyond words. To experience it first hand is another level of deep self-discovery and understanding that truly reaches the parts others cannot! Already, since experiencing the Brain Revelation Analysis, so much has 'come up' and been revealed! I know I will now be working with what I have learnt during our session for a long time to come."


“I first had a session with Gail 3 years ago and was astounded by what she was telling me about myself just from the oils I chose. She was oh so accurate. As different issues have been resolved or new ones come into focus, my choice of oils has changed.
Gail's special expertise is in looking at the whole person and helping you to achieve a balance of mind, body and spirit. I don't think I had accepted how much physical pain and disease is caused by one's state of mind. An example of Gail's methods working: I used to suffer from a great deal of pain in my right shoulder. Gail's massage showed me how it should feel when relaxed, but we also worked together to see what was the real cause of the pain and I began to realise that when anxious or lacking in confidence about something, I hold pain and tension in my shoulder. Gail taught me several de-stressing techniques and helped me to see different ways of seeing how I performed in areas that worried me. Driving used to be a real 'pain in the shoulder' activity, but now I have shown myself that I have been driving perfectly well for 40 years, I have bought a sat-nav to help when going to new places alone and each time I get into the car, I tell myself that I am a competent driver, that I drive with care and attention. Long journeys no longer feel an ordeal.
A session with Gail, usually includes lots of laughter, maybe some tears; it requires some mental work on your part but will lead you to feeling balanced across the different parts of your life."

Ordinand of The Scottish Episcopal Church

"I remember my first session with Gail very clearly. I had been persuaded by a friend to book and was quite apprehensive. Gail very swiftly put me at ease by explaining her holistic approach and I found it easy to talk to her about myself and my ministry. I found the process of choosing oils and the feedback I received fascinating and revealing. I felt that the massage helped me to get in touch with feelings that I had been suppressing and gave me an awareness of areas of my body where there was tension. That was over three years ago.
Since then I have visited Gail regularly and found the combination of counselling and massage which I have received to be extremely helpful. Gail has helped me to grow in self awareness and self confidence. She has amazing intuition, insight and wisdom. I am deeply indebted to her."


"I first had a session with Gail when she was offering aromatherapy massage at The Bield Retreat Centre where I was on a residential weekend. I found the session different from anything I had experienced before and it encouraged me to go back for more. In the first place, the information Gail gave about my choice of oils was remarkably appropriate and helpful.   Along with the uncanny knack of knowing what is going on, Gail also has the knack of knowing how to work with it, sharing her own experience freely, and always pointing to a feasible and holistic way forward. In summary -  a real human being with incredible intuition and a true healing
gift in her hands."

Business Coach and Consultant

“ I have been a client of Gail's for some 15 years, visiting her every four to six weeks for Aromatherapy and massage. To give the service and insight that Gail provides these two terms, does not do either her or the service justice. There is an insightful listening therapy that one receives from Gail that is very rarely witnessed in today's world.       
It is the combination of all of these skills that has made a critical difference to my life balance over the past 15 years. I work in the fluid and dynamic world of business coaching and consultancy, and Gail forms part of my supervision team along with a mentor. She provides the support that I need both physically and mentally to gain clarity over many aspects of my life. On the traditional front, I like the fact that I get to choose the oils that I feel are right for me, along with the ones Gail feels are right, based upon what she has heard and seen. She brings her experience and intuition, which is very rarely wrong, to bear on me and my current place in the world.
The massage works on both areas that I know about and ones that I didn't know about until she connects with them. I have given her many challenges over the years, including trapped nerves in the shoulder and back, torn tendons in the calf and ankle and she has helped me greatly with the stabilisation of Crohn's which I believe would have been a lot worse without her. 
She has also worked with my wife and daughter and has inspired my daughter to go into the therapeutic profession. Now all of this sounds too good to be true I know, but there is a partnership here, that is built upon trust. I believe in what Gail does and the value it provides and this is demonstrated in the integrity of the way in which she works, the competence in which she demonstrates and the benevolence that she brings to the partnership."

Hospital Chaplain

“ I thought...massage? That sounds nice. Aromatherapy? Not a clue what that's about, but what harm can it do. I was on retreat at The Bield and the receptionist had told me this was on offer when I arrived. I suppose another thought at the time, was that it would be good to address the “Body” part of the “Body-Mind-Spirit” that is me. What happened next just blew me away...!
It wasn't just the body that was attended to, but the mind, body and Spirit, in a completely holistic way. It was like a counselling session with massage with prayer. I could see that vital link between my thoughts and my body, between my Spirit and my path in life and the god who made all, loved all and worked through all. Despite being quite a cerebral person, I learned to trust what my body is saying, I learned to trust life's processes and to go with the flow.
Right from 'go', Gail listened carefully, helped me choose the oils I needed for that session, discussed them, explained them, helped make links between them and my current issues and then helped me link the physical with the emotional, psychological and spiritual..... and she does it in such a warm friendly non-threatening, non-judging and humorous way!
She is very good at what she does. She reads the body so well! She offers what it might be saying and is bang on the button! The talking or silence throughout the massage is something I find very helpful. To articulate the issues as they are being physically targeted, seems to me to facilitate the letting go, the release – both physical and emotional – of things that need to go and the acquiring of truth that needs to be learned ( in mind and body).
I am hugely grateful for who she is and the work she does and get quite evangelical in recommending her to friends and family!"